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30 Day Lolita Challenge: Day Three

Already up to day three! And still going! Woo. The topic for today's challenge entry is a bit sticky.

Day 3: 10 things you hate in lolita.

I really hope I don't offend anyone. Also, remember, just because I don't like it doesn't mean I don't like you if you do like it. Got me? 

Thing Number One:
Circle lenses.

This one requires a bit of clarification. I don't mind circle lenses in themselves, how they look or how they've become a huge part of lolita lately, but I hate the way that some lolitas treat them so casually. This isn't like a wig that you can pop on and off without worrying too much about fit or hygiene. These are your eyes we're talking about.

Contact lenses, even when prescribed by an optometrist, can be dangerous to your eyes. Just ordering some lenses off the internet and sticking them in without knowing what you're doing is even worse.

I admit, I've got a horrible fear of losing my eyes (nightmare level phobia, man), which contributes to my dislike of people being irresponsible with their own eyes, but you'd think people would have more sense.

So please, those of you considering lenses for the first time, see your eye doctor first and do some research. Try some regular lenses out from them before you go doing anything on the internet. They'll teach you to put in and take the lenses out. They'll teach you proper hygiene.

Just. Please. For your own sake.

Take care of your eyes.

I can no longer see anyone in these wigs without imagining these dogs. Stupid pigtails.
Thing Number Two:
Gothic Lolita Wigs.

I can't stand this company. It's a combination of things rather than just one particular point, however. Some of their long wigs are pretty nice looking, but their attitude, the way they treat their customers and the reviews I've been reading in regards to quality have made me so very wary of ever ordering anything from them. Even the nicer wigs they have stocked. If I end up wanting to buy them, I'll find another seller.

It doesn't hurt that they're one of those companies that decided to jump on the lolita bandwagon to make money, either. The photo shoots they've been promoting on their Facebook page in the last six months or so should be proof enough of that!

Thing Number Three:

The one down-side to the lolita communities is that there's always someone stirring the drama pot.

Like many young women, I enjoy an occasional bit of juicy gossip and will gab with the girls about this or that scandal. I do not, however, like being caught in the middle of it (and I think most people can agree with that). Thus, I typically keep my opinions to myself. Or on this blog.

Which is pretty much the same thing, if you think about it.

Thing Number Four:
"Lifestyle lolitas".

This is another thing that needs qualification. I don't mind lolitas who live a certain way, as befitting their "lolita code". I don't mind lolitas who drink tea on a daily basis and bake fresh cookies every morning. I don't mind lolitas who refuse to be even remotely "un-ladylike". I don't even mind lolitas who believe themselves to be pretty princesses living in Cotton Candy Kingdom, so long as they keep the fantasy to themselves.

What bothers me are the newcomers, who have yet to start wearing the style, who decide that they are lolitas because they "feel" lolita. I'm sure someone will tell me to take the stick out from between my buttcheeks, but lolita is a fashion first and foremost. There is no solid canon of literature, no required schooling and definitely no one way to live the life by which we can define ourselves as a true subculture. Most lolitas have a huge variety of interests outside of the fashion, beyond the stereotypes and tropes.

So where is our one unifying factor?

OHRIGHT! The clothes.

So again, someone's going to tell me to stop being uptight, but I'm one of those people who rolls her eyes at "lolitas" who don't actually wear lolita.

I couldn't bring myself to link to them. You'll just have to live with a screen capture.
Thing Number Five:

Originally, I was going to write this as "MILANOOOOOO!" but I realized as soon as I started typing there are a lot of other companies out there that strike me with the same disgust as everybody's favorite Cosplay Lolita Zentai Bridal Gown Asian Fashion Shoe manufacturer.

So I'll just be general about it.

Lolita is a great way for scammers to earn a quick buck. New lolitas are often over-eager and don't do enough research, and even experienced lolitas can fall prey to the "cheap and quick" promises that many scammers use to promote themselves. It really does suck to get sucked into the traps of less-than-honest dealers.

One of the first things I bought, expecting that I could "fix" it, was a "friend's" skirt and top from Momo's Handicrafts. Her photos were deceptive in how badly made the garments were. The skirt is wearable for someone with a 23-25 inch waist (any larger and it loses its bell shape), but I ended up scrapping the top due to the shoddy craftsmanship.

Scammers, especially ones who claim to be helping you out or giving you a great deal, suck. Friends who rip you off are even worse.

Also, this isn't to say that I'm unsympathetic to people who aren't really "scammers" who just got overwhelmed.

I was the graphics end of Mashimaro Girl for quite a while before it went bottoms up, so I know how stressful such a situation can be. In my case, I got off pretty cleanly, since I didn't have access to the funds people had sent for payment, but there have been others who acted as middle-man who don't get out with their reputations intact.

Thing Number Six:
Little Bo Peep.

It may seem a small thing, but that particular nickname from people on the street gets real old. Likewise for Little Miss Muffet and Pippi Longstockings. Not really much else to say about this one, though.

I can't exactly stop people from making their own associations and all.

Thing Number Seven: 
"Aren't lolitas supposed to be nice?!"

Similar to thing number four: I'm not going to change my personality just because I changed my dress.

In general, I'm pretty laid back and (I think I'm) nice. It's not because I'm a lolita and trying to maintain some refined image of elegance, beauty and nobility, but because I believe in having good manners and treating people with respect.

This does not mean, however, that if you're a bitch to me that I'm going to be nice to you in return. I'll be civil if we're face to face, I'll be polite if you decide to speak to me, but I will not go out of my way to talk to you if I don't have to. Also, if you're being a snot, I'll probably point it out. So don't get all huffy about me being mean when you're being a brat (and of course, dear readers, you know that this doesn't apply to you in specific, just people in general).

Thing Number Eight:
Missing socks.

This one, again, will probably seem sort of silly, but it's relevant.

Ever lost a sock in the dryer? It sucks, right? You always end up with an uneven number and that poor, widowed sock hanging out all by itself. It sucks even more when it's a sock with a particular print, motif, bit of lace or texture. It sucks even more when you were planning to wear those socks.

Right now. This minute.

About to go out the door.


... and then you find the one you were looking for a week later, stuffed into a pair of blue jeans that happened to be in the dryer at the same time. Shit.

Thing Number Nine:
Style wars.

One of the silly things about lolita that drives me nuts is the concept of the styles being at war with one another. Sweet lolitas hating on gothic lolitas, classic lolitas hating on sweet lolitas and gothic lolitas hating everyone, etc.

It's just downright silly when there are so many people who wear multiple styles and are friends with other people who happen to wear other styles. I mean, honestly.

How did this even get started? Just because someone says they prefer one style over another or dislike a particular aspect of a style doesn't mean they want that style to die out or disappear. It's just a difference in tastes and aesthetics.

Thing Number Ten:
Going to the bathroom.

There's just way more to it than there should be and I won't bother going into detail. If you've had to do this, you know exactly what I'm talking about. You have to worry about whether anything's trailing into the bowl or stuck between you and the seat.

And let's not get started on wiping in public stalls with little room to turn around and a giant petticoat in the way.



I hear ya on number ten! I just got my custom made Alice dress, and I dunked it in the potty within the first 20 minutes of owning it. DX

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