Tuesday, August 30, 2011

30 Day Lolita Challenge: Day Twenty-one

Are you sick of these posts dominating my blog, yet? Look at the post archive! Seriously! Just look at it! Almost every other line is a post from this meme!

Day 21: Your favorite fictional lolita.

Screen capture care of AnimePaper.net

 In general, I don't like fiction that focuses on lolita as its main topic. It gets to be shallow and trite most of the time and there isn't exactly a huge canon to draw from.

I did, however, really like Miwako (and Arashi, since they are a pair) from Paradise Kiss. She was a lolita character who made the fashion her live without being annoying about it (at least in my opinion); having her appear in other styles also helped soften the blow, really.

Miwako's character hit a lot of the stereotypes of lolita, but had a good deal of depth to her beyond that, and broke quite a few stereotypes as well. I really loved the relationship that she had with Arashi, because it was sweet and pure, but hardly the detached and "innocent" relationship you'd expect from a stereotypical lolita. She still had a personality and desires beyond the clothes, which I really did enjoy.

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