Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Photo of the Day: Wandering the Woods

So how's everybody doing these days?

Keeping busy? Keeping up-beat?

I know I have. At least, on the busy front.

Lately, I have written up a bunch of tutorials, articles and the like, but have yet to actually post them. Mostly because I haven't had the time to take the photos for them yet, so it'd be silly to put them up. How am I supposed to show off a particular technique without actually demonstrating it? Whoops.

I've been arranging a few photo shoots lately, so I should have more posts going live soon. The above image is from the most recent shoot I had, with my friend Christy in a nearby creek bed/marsh. The drought conditions in my state have caused pretty much all free-standing, non-maintained bodies of water to dry out. The local lakes are all down at least two feet and would have dried out by now if not for the maintenance/refilling efforts of local utilities groups.

For the photo above, we got together to take some "Red Riding Hood" shots in said creek bed. Unfortunately, the tripod only got us so far and we didn't get that many good shots of us together. The weather was also against us. It ended up alternating between rain and sunny skies and remained over 105°F that afternoon.

We were both soaked in sweat by the time we were done, our make-up had melted and our wigs were clinging to any available skin.

That being the case, most of our shots didn't come out so great. This one, which Christy took as I walked away, came out really nice, however! There are a few others that I'll probably post in the near future, since some of them I liked well enough to keep. We do, however, plan to try and retake these photos with another friend of ours in the near future!

Also, speaking of photo shoots: tomorrow, I'll be shooting a local cosplayer's Pokemon White Trainer costume in Humble. I'm really pretty excited, because we're going to have the use of some colored spot lamps to make the foliage pop out. We'll also be shooting in a really badass wooded area, with access to a river front and various other "mini settings".  I think we should get some really nice shots!

It helps that I've worked with this cosplayer in the past, so things should go smoothly; she was along for the Full Metal Panic! shoot. She took photos of her own, but also helped with lighting, equipment and wardrobe malfunctions.

So. There's the news. I'll probably start updating more often with silly snapshots from my day (such as images from the macaron recipe I tried on Sunday) and updates on my upcoming trip to Sydney! I also need to get caught up on everyone's blogs. I've been following things through Google Reader on lunch breaks at work, but it's not the same.

Cheers! Hope everyone's enjoying their August (be it summer or winter for you)!
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