Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Photo of the Day: En garde! Lost Photos

I normally try to get photos of my outfits before I head out for the day, but it doesn't always happen that I actually post them to Daily Lolita like I intended. Especially when they're this casual!

Actually, it almost never happens that I post to Daily Lolita these days. But what can I say? At least it gives me photos to post! I think I have at least three backlogged outfits on the drive and will probably have more stockpiled by the time I actually get around to posting.

All the same, I have fun snapping quick shots before I go out and run errands. I like having a record of things I've worn, so that I can figure out better ways to wear them in the future. Granted, I rarely have the time to go all out and bust out the backdrops and lighting equipment, but a quick remote-release shot on the tripod typically does the trick!

And yes,  you can see my tripod in the french doors behind me.

I love that tripod.

I also love Threadless t-shirts and posing like an idiot in photos, because I'm secretly still 16-years-old in the depths of my heart (and yes, that was a really, really bad joke; don't worry, I know my real age and place in the world).
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