Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sources of Inspiration: Amanda Rynda

So recently, I was browsing through Facebook when a fellow designer friend posted a link to Regretsy. Regretsy is a blog highlighting sellers on etsy who are somewhat less than what we'd call "good". So, expecting something horrible or at the very least, trite, I clicked.

Rather than something bad, I found something amazing.

Regretsy (How to take engagement photos) introduced me to Amanda Rynda, a photographer in LA with talent and a huge dose of humor. She took the typical tradition of shooting engagement photos and helped the happy couple achieve a personal (and hilarious) twist on a classic theme.

The photoshoot in question started with a few standard shots of the couple spending time together. They have a romantic picnic in a field of wild flowers. They drink wine side by side. They lean close, letting the bouquet of flowers set the mood.

And then ...

A zombie attacks.

I shit you not.

The rest of the shoot features the two love birds dealing a mighty death to the undead beast using a shove, a knife and the very wine bottle they'd been sharing, and ends on a happy note, with a celebratory kiss.

To see more of her portfolio or the rest of this particular shoot, check out Amanda Rynda's tumblr or website:

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