Monday, August 15, 2011

30 Day Lolita Challenge: Day Six

Cranking along with that meme, now! Somehow, I've managed to keep up with it (can we say thank you to the scheduled post function? Because I think that's the only thing keeping me on track, now).

Today, we're on to:

Day 6: 10 things you can’t live without in lolita.

Thing Number One:
A super fluffy petticoat.

A lot of my dresses and skirts are really, really heavy, so for really dramatic outfits or skirts that are either very full or very heavy, I have to have a petticoat that can keep up.

I actually have two! One is black and handmade for me by a dear friend. The other is white and was purchased secondhand on the EGL community sales several years ago. Both have held up quite well and are very nice, supportive undergarments.

The you can find a very similar petticoat to the white one online by searching for flower girls' drawstring petticoats.

Thing Number Two:

Like I said previously, my hair is really hard to manage and on the thinner side of things. It tends not to work out very well when I'm going to be out and about somewhere for an extended period of time. Being able to put a wig over my own mop saves me time, stress and energy.

Those times where I'm not wearing wigs, I shellac my hair with Finesse and WIRED products to keep it tame as long as possible!

Thing Number Three:
Deodorant (and a whiff of subtle perfume).

There's a joke about living in Texas that says we have "all four seasons". The joke goes that we have Spring, Summer, After Summer and Christmas. Trying to wear lolita during any period but the one labeled "Christmas" can be really brutal. Even wearing lolita during our version of winter can be pretty overwhelming!

To give you an idea of what I mean, last New Years Eve, I went with my family to the zoo. It was over 80 degrees that day and we all wore shorts, even though it was the last day of December!

So I'm always, always extra careful to put on deodorant before I go out. I also will sometimes swipe on a bit of perfume if I'm feeling daring. My favorites are Fresh's Citron de Vigne and DKNY's Be Delicious.

Thing Number Four:

In general, I'm pretty plain looking. While I don't think that I'm ugly, neither am I supermodel pretty. My eyelashes aren't all that thick, my lips are a bit thin and my nose bends to one side from having been smashed in a few times by various sports equipment. With a bit of make-up, however, my eyelashes can be the stuff of romance novels, my lips can be puckered and lush, and my nose can be (slightly) less crooked.

I don't wear much make-up to work or just to hang out around the house because I have sensitive skin, but when I wear lolita or go out with friends, I like to glam myself up a bit and have fun with achieving a different look from my usual.

Thing Number Five:
Driving shoes.

Lolita meet-ups for me are usually pretty far away, which means that I generally have to drive rather than hitch a ride with friends or take public transport. I also, however, like wearing heels with lolita. This causes a bit of a problem, since I drive manual and can't put the clutch in with a pair of heels on.

For that reason, I usually haul a pair of tennis shoes or flats along with me to wear while I drive. Then, when I get to the meet-up, I swap out for my fancier shoes! The days where I'm just running errands around town in lolita, I'll wear flats or tea parties to avoid having to switch footwear every time I have to get in and out of the car.

Thing Number Six:
Anti-heat devices (ie: my parasol and fan collection).

I separated deodorant from these items as these are mostly summer-related, and that one is year round.

Even though I've gotten used to the heat and can work all day in the sun in blue jeans and a long-sleeved shirt (I used to be a florist; watering the outdoor plants in the middle of July sucks), there are days where I would positively melt in lolita without certain precautions in place. Copious amounts of water are included in this list, but mostly I mean parasols, fans, broad-brimmed (but cute!) hats, scentless SPF50 and the like.

The sun here is bright, hot and amplified by the horrible humidity.

It is merciless, especially against those in heavy skirts and frills (doesn't hurt that we're in the middle of the worst drought of the last twenty years, either).

Thing Number Seven:
Cute boleros, jackets and cardigans.

I've been self-conscious about my upper arms for as long as I can remember (likewise on my upper thighs, but lolita's got me covered there). If I'm not wearing a blouse or shirt with sleeves, you'll almost always find me in a bolero or cardigan of some sort.

Thing Number Eight:
Ridiculous hats.

Because of lolita, I've developed an affection for hats that are beyond absolutely silly. I'm especially fond of things like the insane and delightful hats found in Order and Abandon by Apatico.

I wish I could make and buy all the hats that I desire, but I'll have to settle for window shopping, drawing them on characters I come up with, making simple ones for myself and occasionally purchasing the ones within my budget.

Thing Number Nine:

I have a fixation with making and buying cute jewelry and accessories. I feel like any lolita outfit, even a casual one, isn't complete without at least a cute headband and some matching jewelry to set up the theme.

Thing Number Ten:
My lolita friends.

Wearing lolita alone is fun and all, but having a flock of fluffy friends with whom to cavort and play makes the experience that much more fun! I'm not sure I would still be interested in lolita today if I hadn't met so many interesting people to share it with.
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