Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Suck the Life Right Outta Ya

One of the first things I did when I started packing for my trip this coming month was buy Space Bags.

What are Space Bags?

Why, these are Space Bags.

Space Bags are these awesome, giant plastic zip-lock bags. You fill them up with clothing, zip them shut with the industrial-grade zip-device, then vacuum the air out of them.

GASP! They're so flat!

They save you storage space, which means you can fit more into flat rate boxes (and suitcases) than you'd be able to do without them. Thus far, I have packed about twenty-five pounds worth of regular clothing, work clothing, socks, lolita clothing, accessories, jewelry and miscellaneous stuff that can take being squished into these bags.

Some of them (about a hundred pounds worth of them) will come with me in my luggage. A couple, full of smaller items and intermingled with shoes, will be sent via flat-rate priority boxes to Australia ahead of me. The majority of them, however, will store sweaters and cold-weather clothes that I won't need for a few months in my lovely, climate-controlled storage unit.

If you've got a need to store or pack something super tightly, I highly recommend these things!

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