Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dietary Expansion

Alright, so I'm dropping the "photo of the day" label from the post titles. The tags should take care of that easily enough and I'm getting ill looking at the post archive with "Photo of the Day" every other line.

But. It's still technically the photo of the day and today's photo is ... my lunch! Sort of. Lately, I've been having to change up my diet a bit and I've started including a lot more simple-to-digest foods like yogurt, bananas, apple sauce and so on. I've been experimenting with a lot of different yogurts, including almond milk yogurt and Greek yogurt in different forms.

I've discovered that Greek yogurt is tasty with honey but the ones like Athenos where you have to stir it in end up with an icky texture. Greek Gods is an inexpensive brand sold at the grocery store near work, so that's the one I usually stick to. I've had Fage recommended to me, which I've yet to try but plan to grab in the near future.

Not as tasty as I'd hoped. It was rather ... watery and slimey. Blech.
My recent experiment with almond milk yogurt left quite a bit to be desired. It didn't look or taste much like what I was hoping for. It was rather watery, in fact, and on the slimey side of things. I think I managed half of the cup before giving it up as a lost cause. Just after I decided to set it aside, one of my coworkers asked to give it a go. She tried a spoonful and promptly spat it into the sink. Clearly, I'm not alone in my dislike.

The offending 'gurt in action. Stirring did nothing.

So far, I really do like the Greek Gods brand best. It's relatively inexpensive, has a good texture and flavor, and has the honey mixed thoroughly into the yogurt. Not only that, but it goes well with the semi-spicy steamer meals I typically bring to work for lunch. The Athenos brand is pretty good, too, though I'll have to try the other flavors next time. Honey just doesn't do it for me the way they sell it.

And so, my experiments continue! With my digestion on the line, I vow, I will continue my efforts to find the best food for me!



Eeeeeeeeeeh the texture does look a bit unappealing... unfortunately I feel as though I only like unhealthy foods haha

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