Monday, August 29, 2011

Wish I could still tapdance

I've already mentioned in previous posts how much I love tiled floors and feet. In fact, you've seen a lot of my feet. A lot. The last few days, I've been sorely tempted to shoot a whole series of photos of my feet in different shoes, stockings, pants, skirts, etc. in different locations with unique tiled floors.

I know, it sounds kind of insane, but it might result in a fun mosaic. Particularly if I frame or zoom in so that all of the tiles are about the same size as one another!

This project probably won't really happen, however. I'm a bit neurotic, but not that obsessive. Not even about feet.

Things are going well right now, too, so I don't have time for obsessive. I really don't.

I have to finish packing up the rest of my belongings and actually haul the (tons of cardboard and plastic Rubbermaid) boxes to my storage unit. Then I have to clean the house for the bevy of guests who are coming next month (three of my closest gal pals are coming to see me off; two are staying for a concert with me and the boyfriend).

In terms of good news, though, I have two (TWO! HOW DID I GET TWO!) potential jobs for when I get to Sydney! One is an office job, a couple of days a week, doing really simple, basic things like writing Excel documents and making flyers. The other is a junior designer's position, being the gopher and typesetter for a larger firm.

I'd be happy with either job (considering that my present job sucks so hard) to be perfectly honest.

My first week in Australia is going to be INSANE:

September 27th, we arrive at the airport.
September 29th, dinner with the family (???).

September 30th, we go to the University of NSW in Sydney for the day, plus a concert that night.
October 1st or 2nd, there's a lolita meet-up (I'd love to attend, but may be too wiped out).
October 4th, I turn another year older and we (hope to try arranging to) have a house-warming party.

And somewhere in there, I may have a job interview or start working.

Busy. Week. Holydamn.

I'm excited, though. I really am. I've got the insurance and medication situation mostly sorted, so now I'm just dealing with the packing part. I've decided that most of the lolita things I'm bringing with me will not be shipped, but packed into vacuum bags and brought over in my luggage.

Safer, for one. Cheaper than shipping such heavy boxes, for two. I'll send over normal clothes and "sturdy" items by mail, along with my tablet and photo equipment (which I'll send last, right before I leave).

So. Excited.
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