Sunday, August 14, 2011

30 Day Lolita Challenge: Day Five

So after a jaunt into the totally-not-lolita world of my favorite foods, we go back to:

Day 5: 10 items from your wishlist.

Oh, this is going to be hard.

Item Number One:
Antique Beast Bat Headdress/Choker

This headdress is awesome because it not only is a headdress, but can also be worn as a choker. I'd love to have this headdress to wear with my Castle of Nightmare JSK or some of the all-black outfits I've put together in the past. It's just the right level of kitschy cute for my tastes.

Item Number Two:
Victorian Maiden Chiffon Underdress

Simple and elegant, I'd love to get this dress for the sake of layering. It's one of Victorian Maiden's staple pieces and has been released a couple of times now.

Even though it's meant to be under most of your clothing and thus invisible, it's just full of really, really lovely details. If I could afford it, I would want one in each color.

Item Number Three:
Alice & the Pirates x Kuragehime, Kuranosuke Stripe JSK

 When the Kuragehime anime came out, my boyfriend and I watched it together quite avidly. I was only half-surprised that he'd enjoy it; it's a good series, but he's notoriously picky about what he likes to watch. We both thoroughly enjoyed it!

Around the same time that the series aired in Japan, Baby announced a collaboration series of items inspired by Kuranosuke and Tsukimi. This dress was by far my favorite piece (and, from the sound of things, everyone else in the community's, too)!

Item Number Four:
Metamorphose Kimono Print Series

2007 Version2011 Version
I've always been a sucker for Meta's take on wa-lolita. While I like the idea of wa-lolita in art and photography, putting it into practice can be seriously tricky.

Personally, I would only ever want to wear a full-on yukata-style wa-lolita outfit for a summer festival and since those aren't exactly common outside of Japan, I'll just stick with a slightly less insane-looking version.

Item Number Five:
Mary Magdalene Elodie Doll JSK

This dress has been released at least twice now that I can remember, with slightly different trims each time. I would do quite a lot of naughty things to have it in the green, navy and burgundy (in that order, no less). It's simple, but elegant, and absolutely gorgeously tailored (plus, wouldn't it make a fabulous summer dress when paired with that Victorian Maiden chiffon underdress in ivory?).

Item Number Six:
Putumayo JSK that I forgot the name of

I saved this really cute JSK from Putumayo's site ages ago. It's no longer available on their page and I can't find reference to it anywhere online (I saved it by the product number rather than the name, having originally intended to buy it through Harajuku Hearts).

Alas. Perhaps it was not meant to be?

Item Number Seven:
Innocent World Luna Stripe Halter JSK

I like stripes. Can you tell, yet?

This JSK was just a great combination of unique elements--the halter neck and convertible straps in back, combined with the high collar and military-style striping just made me oooh and aaah right off the bat!

Item Number Eight:
Alice & the Pirates Veil Claris Silk Hat

 I've always wanted an awesome top hat for wearing with lolita and this one just takes the cake. All the little details are great, in a super-gaudy, over the top kind of way. It's rare that I get to indulge that aspect of my tastes, because it doesn't normally surface. Introduce me to feathers, veils and ribbons, however, and I'm lost.

Item Number Nine:
Gabalnara Straight "Vivid Color" Red Wig

First of all, I love Gabalnara wigs, so it was bound to happen that a wig from their shop would end up on this list. Second of all, I love red hair!

I already have one red wig, but it's so incredibly crimson that I've wanted to try one that's a bit more "natural" in color. This one is slightly closer to a rich ginger and doesn't have the insane curls that the one from Fantasy Sheep does, so it's on my list of wigs-to-buy in the future.

Item Number Ten:
Innocent World Rococo Rose (108") JSK

Yet again with this dress, I fell in love with Innocent World's use of the convertible halter neck. The ruffle and criss-cross in back, as well as the length of the skirt, really grabbed my attention and made me take notice.
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