Monday, August 22, 2011

Worn down, but not out!

Work lately has been a real challenge to keep up with, mentally and physically. I've had a few scares with my health the last few weeks, among other things. Things are looking up, though! Last week, I handed in my letter of resignation. As of September 14th, I will freely give up employment and head into the wide world to find something new.

I only wish it could be sooner, but they need time to replace me, so I must be patient. 

There's been quite a bit of drama at work involving a few of my coworkers (none of which I'll detail here, unfortunately) which as resulted in me taking on two extra work days every week. It used to be that I would cycle through, with three days off through the week. Now, I'll have one day off, until who knows when.

The woman who is the other shift supervisor is in temporary (and indefinite) leave while some sort of investigation is going on. This means that I now have to help cover her shifts, along with the assistant manager of the store. As she's already dangerously close to hitting overtime each week, most of the overlap hours have fallen to me.

Most days, I end up in the office, ready to collapse at the end of my shift. As soon as I get home, the shoes come off, the apron and uniform are tossed aside, and I pretend for a few hours that I have nothing better to do than flop down, read some comics and relax.

Eventually, reality sets back in when I have to take my medication or realize it's time to get back to packing things up. Sigh.

But hey, at least good things do happen for me. My customers like me. My coworkers like me. My family supports me.

And in about a month, I'll be on a flight headed to Sydney with my boyfriend! Can't get much better than that.



Sucks to hear about work! I hope your health will be fine too. Have fun in Sydney!! *_*

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