Wednesday, August 10, 2011

30 Day Lolita Challenge: Day One

A lot of people I know are filling out this little meme, so I thought I'd give it a go! This blog has been decidedly lacking in lolita-related content of late, anyway.

Day 1: 10 things about your lolita bubble.
I'm not really sure what "lolita bubble" is supposed to mean, unfortunately. Does it mean my community? My personal space? The thought bubble that pops up over my head when I think about lolita?

Most of the people I've seen doing this meme don't really know what it's intended to be, either. So. Kind of a weird starter, if no one knows what it's supposed to mean.

Isn't it?

I'm going to operate under the assumption that it means how lolita fits into my daily routine and I'm going to stick to that.

Casual outfits like the above often don't see
the light of day (unless I'm filling out a meme).
Thing Number One:
I wear lolita at least a couple of times a week. I quite frequently forget to take photos or don't like how they came out, typically because I'm either in a hurry or too impatient to bother.

Thing Number Two:
Even when I do get photos of my outfits that I like, they almost never actually end up on Daily Lolita these days. I wear a lot of casual get-ups to go out with friends or run errands, but they're usually too plain to merit an outfit post on their own and by the time I've got a bunch of snaps saved up, I've lost interest in actually posting them (whoops).

Thing Number Three:
I hoard fabric and patterns with the intent of making them into lolita garments. I have a stash of awesome cottons with subtle stripe and floral prints as well as a big box of vintage-inspired patterns that I've been wanting to bust out for the purposes of adding a few pieces to my wardrobe.

Thing Number Four:
During summer, I don't get to wear lolita all that much because of the heat. If I do, it's typically casual, and I end up swapping blouses for silly T-shirts and wearing my tea parties or other cute flats a lot.

Thing Number Five:
Even when I'm not wearing lolita or even shopping for lolita, I'm guilty of fixating on it. Most of the things I buy, my immediate thought is "how can I work this into a coordinate?" There have been times where I've decided not to buy clothing because I couldn't figure out an answer to that question.

But hey, it's probably saved me some money in the long run.

Tell me that this headdress/choker isn't awesome.
I dare you. Punk.
Thing Number Six:
I love window-shopping, particularly for really ridiculous or awesome accessories (like the Antique Beast headdress/choker combination to the right). I honestly haven't bought anything lolita-centric (apart from a Gabalnara wig, does that count?) in months, but I love going through the various sites and saving things that I like for the sake of "inspiration" and later reference.

Thing Number Seven:
I often wish that I had more people to photograph in lolita locally. I've even considered talking non-lolita friends into letting me dress them up, which I've done before.

I feel a bit guilty saying it, but my move to Sydney next month has me really excited for the sole reason that there's a large group of active lolitas who are (by all accounts) apparently not in the least bit camera shy.

Thing Number Eight:
I hate selling things off out of my closet. Not because the process is particularly arduous, but because as soon as I sell something, I immediately think up a great coordinate for it.

Thing Number Nine:
My family is rather mixed about lolita as a whole. Dad thinks it's weird and a waste of time. My older brother and his wife call me the polka dancer. My younger brother tells me I like "like a whore" (where that impression comes in is beyond me). My mom, it would seem, is the only one who doesn't think I'm insane for wearing it.

Thankfully, my boyfriend is on my mom's side and tells me pretty often that I "rock it hard" (even if he wishes I dressed more like the metalheads we both are).

Thing Number Ten:
My closest friends are tied to me through lolita. Even though we're all spread out now, we still stay in touch with group chats and emails, and occasional visits. I'm sincerely looking forward to seeing three of my girls in September when they come to visit me before I leave.
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