Saturday, November 3, 2012

Photo of the Day: Prized Prize!

I went out with my lolita friends this past weekend and something happened that never happens: I won a prize out of one of the crane games.

I've only ever won one prize, from a crane game in a seedy bar. It was a sad, limp-eyed frog. This, though. This was much more difficult.

In Sydney, near Chinatown, there's an arcade that has a giant cache of purikura machines and skill tester games. While the other girls were going to do purikura (I was feeling frumpy and underdressed), I decided to play the cranes. The small machine that had Totoro plushes last time we went had been changed out and refilled with Domo-kun plushies in bunny suits, so I wandered around until I found the MASSIVE Totoro machine. I decided to give it a go, even though I never have luck with such things and it was one of the really hard, two-prong-claw ones.

Imagine my surprise when I actually dumped this guy onto the top of the chute in the first go!

I had to nudge him in with a second grab, but the girls were there to cheer me on!

It was really quite intense!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Product Review: Kuma Crafts' Sailor Moon Line

Kuma Crafts is a jewellery store on Etsy, focusing mostly on hand-assembled, laser cut acrylic pieces that appeal to the geek chic and 'kawaii' trend markets. The owner and operator, Amanda, has recently added t-shirts and enamel pendants to her lines.

While I have purchased other pieces of hers, I want to focus today on her Sailor Moon inspired pieces!

Stay with me, now. This is going to be extremely photo heavy.

Photo of the Day: Lazy Fairy

Happy Belated Halloween!

This year, I was a fairy herder. In Celtic myth, deer are referred to as "fairy cattle". In every herd, they have a fairy guardian who can transform into a stag to lead and protect them. So that was my costume this year!

I was mistaken for a jackalope by two different people, but that's okay.

The best part was the coin sash I wore under all the layers of fluttery black. Every step I took, I jingled, and everyone kept asking me where I had the bells hidden!

Did you have a happy Halloween? What did you wear this year?
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