Saturday, January 1, 2011

Photo of the Day: Afterchristmas Aftermath

I've been using that phrase a lot the last week or so. My brother blew into town with his wife and not-quite-five-year-old son on the 27th. I thought I'd have time to update on a daily basis still, but I forgot what life with an ex-toddler is like. Busy. Very busy. And loud, too.

As such, I'll be playing catch-up through Google Reader after they depart on Monday night. I feel so weird having been out of touch for as long as I have, even though I've only recently gotten into the whole blogging thing.

For now, I'm sorry to say I'll be a bit MIA. I promise to those of you reading that there will be better content posted soon (and more lolita on the way). I also promise to those of you whom I read that I haven't forgotten your blogs! 



Aaaw cute photo, the kid must have went nuts with the presents haha

Caylee ★

Haha, looks like it was pretty crazy! Have little children around is always tiresome. xD;

focusing the lens

@ Butters: He actually didn't want to open his presents. It took some serious convincing. Though, once he found a Yoshi plush in a box, he dug in!

@ Caylee: It's been pretty crazy. He's a real handful. haha


Lawd, I remember when I had to take care of my little sister for years. Her room was always like that picture x_X


Haha, nothing like unwrapping gifts. My Christmas was spent with mostly adults so the wrapping was immediately chucked in the bin because no one wanted to deal with the mess (there was also a big Christmas to clean up too) XD

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