Sunday, January 16, 2011

I know, I know ...

I'm still not done. But. It's almost there!

Today, there are no photos of it, as the bodice requires a bit of hand-stitching around the waist, zip and shirring before I show it off. Instead, you get ...

A fabric rose!

The bodice was looking mighty bland, so I told a friend I was going to add a bow. She said that might be a bit much, that she liked the fabric on its own merit. She suggested a small corsage to wear at the strap, instead. Thus, a fabric rose. I'm planning on making at least one more for my hair, and a few smaller ones out of the green ribbon as additional accents.

Fingers crossed that I finish this project tomorrow!



A fabric rose with a flower fabric! INCEPTION lol


It's absolutely lovely! Can't wait for the finished product :)


that's amazing! good job!


very elegant~ yet a little funky. I like :D

Mister Sharaf

amazing, keep it up

Miss Lumpy

Love this fabric! Can't wait until it's done~

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