Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Photo of the Day: IT'S FINISHED!

So my first ever JSK is completed, and I call it a success. The bodice is a smidge long, but the hem is even (HELL YEAH!) and it's sturdy in terms of how it was put together. I still want to do a few more floral broaches for when I don't wear a bolero, but it's otherwise complete.

I tried out some nude lipstick today to go with it, but I'm not sure how I feel about it. I think that it makes my nose look big without my mouth having any color (if that makes sense?). I mean, I have a big enough schnoz already, I don't need to push that fact...

More photos are on Daily Lolita.



That's awesome! Good job!


Wow, congrats! On a side note--I LOVE your boots.


its so cute!

Miss Lumpy

It came out wonderfully! I think the nude lipstick looks really nice- it brings out your lovely complexion :)

Caylee ★

Whoa, it turned out amazing! :D

Mister Sharaf

nice job


oooh, your dress making skills are enviable o-o


It looks fabulous!


Great job, you look great! :3


I think the nude would work if you did your eyes in browns (brown mascara? lol) and let your bangs down, it'll look very mori :D

And nice work on the dress!


Cute!! Nice classical look ♥


Very lovely! I even love your boots XD AND THE HEM IS EVEN?! Super awesome job! I agree with Ada said--you can totally work that nude without worrying over your nose :D

focusing the lens

Thanks everyone. :)

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