Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Photo of the Day: The Devil's Own Luck

click for larger view on deviantart
I really love vintage inspirations in lolita. Pulling retro hairstyles and accessories in really makes me happy, regardless of what era is involved.

Today, I was goofing around with my hair a bit. It's in an awkward growing out phase, so I tend to wear wigs when I wear lolita. I recently gave victory rolls a shot, and had some success, however! While I was practicing today, they started to resemble horns rather than great, curls of hair, so I said "well, hell with it!" and went with it. I put on a retro-inspired coordinate, did up my make-up, and took a few photos.

I hope you like the results! Sorry if you've seen this multiple times today (on DeviantART and LJ). Other photos can be found on Daily Lolita.



cool photo


nice coord, i like


Lovely outfit, you look devilishly gorgeous hehe

focusing the lens

Thanks everyone. :)

Mister Sharaf

lovely lady


I like that hair! You look very femme fatale :D


really cute!~


You look fantastic :) Those victory rolls worked out pretty well!

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