Thursday, January 20, 2011

Photo of the Day: On Being Invisible (Plus Zippers)

My best invisible zipper to date! Also, love the kitschy fabric. Not really a typical
"lolita" material, but I really love it all the same.

Every now and then, I'll go a few days without updating. Sometimes, this is because of extenuating circumstances (like a visit from family), but more often it's because I'm really bummed out about something and don't feel like writing. Rather than write or talk to anyone, I prefer to just hole up in my room, hunch over the sewing machine, or hide behind my camera lens for a few hours.

Sometimes, it can really bolster my mood a great deal, but it hasn't done the trick the last few days.

I've felt pretty blue on and off lately, and today it's sort of kicking me in the teeth extra hard. I took a break to do some more sewing, hoping it would improve my mood. It did help for a while, too! Just ... not long enough.

No real update right now otherwise, I'm afraid. I'm working on the details of a photo shoot or two still. The weather hasn't really been cooperating, and things are a bit rough tailoring to my collaborators' schedules. I've got some other things to post soon, so tomorrow I'm going to work on that (or maybe just end up sewing again).

Hell. I should probably change this blog's theme: learning to sew, the really backwards way!

Actually, that's just silly. I have articles written, I just don't have photos for them (thus the need to arrange those shoots).

In the mean time, dear followers: what would you like to see?
Photoshop Touch-up tutorials? More reviews of photographers? Photos from the readers?

If you have a photo you'd like me to feature, please email it to
Include your name/nickname, the URL to your blog/DA/portfolio/website of choice and a bit of information about the photo.

It will just be for fun, rather than for critique, so don't be shy!



Sometimes (too often) I feel too down to blog. Or else I'd post more, probably. ^^' Anyway, I hope you get to feeling better. Great zipper, though!


I just don't get sewing. It's too hard for me, so seamstresses like you really amazing me! Please feel better soon :)


Photoshop tutorials would be cool!

Mister Sharaf

nice post


Actually reviews of photographers sounds really good! I wanna chat with you about some obnoxious ones on DA because their photos REALLY SUCK ARGH

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