Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Personal? Personal.

It's been a hectic few days (they all seem that way lately), but good things have happened. All that sewing appears to have paid off. Just because I've been indulging in my crafty side lately, I've been spending quite a bit of time browsing Hancock and talking to the staff, I may have found a solution to my joblessness. I submitted my application today, and got a phone call within three hours.

I have an interview tomorrow.

It's only a small job, but hey. Job's a job's a job (I also may have an interview pending with a newspaper, we'll see how it goes! I sent them portfolio samples this afternoon) and I can really use a job.

Either way, this means there will likely be more sewing photo-posts in the near future. I have another skirt in that aqua kitsch fabric half-completed.



Good luck on the interviews and the aqua kitsch skirt! That sounds fabulous haha

FairyTale a la Mode

Hope all of your prospects pan out wonderfully. Looking forward to more craftyness :) Aqua is such a lovely color.


Good luck with that!! My sister worked at Hancock for a while too :D


"Job's a job's a job"

that's mad crazy true. Good luck! :D


yayyy! Work is good :D Good luck to you~!


GOOD LUCK!! You probably don't need it though!


Good luck! I hope you get the job! :)


Congratulations on getting the interview! Good luck with it <3 I hope it goes well!

Mister Sharaf



good luck with your interview!


Good luck on the interviews - following

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