Saturday, January 15, 2011

Photo of the Day: Are We There Yet?

As promised, today is a continuation of yesterday's photo, (care of my cell phone). This image is what the pieces I showed yesterday have become! I'm really picky about lace and ribbon matching, so I was ecstatic to have these two work out so well.

I have seriously been bent over the machine since about noon. I went to get the things I needed to finish the dress (and ended up with some bargain fabrics for other projects), and then dove right back into work. I just need to finish a few little details on the bodice (hand sewing time) and hem the skirt/add lace. Then it'll be done! I found the perfect green ribbon for the corset lacing and the sash I wanted to do.

For decoration, I've decided to make two corsages out of the leftover fabric. I have several loooong strips of material and plenty of lace, so I'm going to make ribbon-rose style flowers, with ribbon leaves to match. One for my hair, one for the dress' bodice.

Hopefully tomorrow's photo will be better quality (and a finished product!)



It looks amazing so far! Corset lacing is my favorite thing ever.

FairyTale a la Mode

It looks lovely! and what a great find of matching ribbon :D


Oh whoa! It's coming along rather nicely! I have yet to tackle corset lacing in terms of actually sewing them from scratch.


Love that sage green ribbon!


ooh it's looking good so far! I love the colors, especially of the ribbon :)

Cameron Wyatt

This is interesting stuff.

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Mister Sharaf



Looks great so far! I'm sure it'll be very rewarding when it's done. I really like the fabric you used. Not to mention the ribbon colour you chose is perfect!

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