Friday, February 4, 2011

Brief Hiatus

Hey there! Remember me?

Yeah, I vanished for a bit. I know. It's good though, I promise. Continuing from my last post, I was hired on the spot after the interview. I've worked every day this week (though I wasn't on the schedule) and may have another job interview coming up in a few days.

Things are starting to turn around, but this means that I'll have to rearrange my time a bit, and get organized. I'll be back to posting regularly in no time, but until then, I'll be rather quiet.

Thanks everyone for the well-wishing! I appreciate it!



Can't wait til you return. :)

Mister Sharaf

nice post


Take it easy :)


I look forward to reading your updates soon :)


Looking forward to your future posts :3 Don't overdo it!


\o/ Congratulations! Things have been busy for me too so I can totally understand if blogging has taken a back seat ;) I'm glad things are turning around for the better! <3

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