Saturday, February 19, 2011

Photo of the Day: Welcome

Originally uploaded by kate.ruggeri
Last night, I got the chance to practice my event photography (picture not related). It was a really great event with the local arts awareness group, Artreach! Sarah Hickman was the guest of honor, and a real treat to photograph. She's one of those people that just goes nonstop, and always has something funny or interesting to say.

Before that, I took this photo. It involved a special trick with my tripod to pull it off, and I'm really quite pleased with the results! No major Photoshop processing on this one, it's pretty much straight out of camera. Amazing what light can do in the right conditions, huh?

(P.S. The exif data is lying; no flash was used. I'm not sure why it's claiming that it was, either.)



wow, that's an incredible picture!


great picture - is it your hand?


Great pic!

Sweetness Of Oz

I like it! :D The carpet also looks like mine. *goes to check for any signs of break-in*


Very awesome for limited light! I hope I can achieve awesome pictures with the sunlight today!

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