Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sources of Inspiration: Photographers

Photographer: Viona ielegems
Specialties: Portraiture (fairy tales, fantasy, alternative fashion)

On top of being a fabulous photographer, Viona is also a very talented costume designer. In the majority of her photo shoots, she designed or constructed the costumes worn by her models. Her website can tell you quite a bit about her, so I'll focus instead on relating just what I love about her images.

In Viona's photographs, every aspect of the image is attended to. She has an amazing eye for detail and her locations, costumes, and compositions are always lush. There is not a single image of hers that I can't find something new to look at every time I go back. The interaction of light and shadow in particular fascinate me; the play of contrast in many of her images is one of the key elements that intrigue me.

Her images are incredibly detailed, full of texture and life and her treatment of fantasy, its reflection of and interaction with reality, struck me from the very beginning. I very highly recommend looking through her galleries.



What an amazing photo! And her costumes are beautiful! Thanks for sharing :)


Wow, absolutely inspiring stuff! I enjoyed going through her amazing gallery. I'm with Butters - thanks for sharing! <3

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