Sunday, December 5, 2010

Photo of the Day: We're All Just Tourists

Lolitas are often more interesting to tourists than the exhibits that they originally came to see.

Hello, hello, hello! Sorry for the sudden silence, but it's coming to be that time of year where everyone goes a little crazy and gets a bit busy. I hope all of you had a lovely International Lolita Day (if you celebrated it) and that your December has kicked off without a hitch.

I've been rather busy the last few days, and probably will continue to be so for the next week and a half. I'm in the middle of hunting for a new job, shopping for family and friends, and doing all the domestic things required of preparing for the holiday arrival of a toddler and his parents!

I'll be catching up soon, and I have a lot of things planned for the next few weeks in terms of photography and lolita both. Please stay tuned, and thanks as always for reading!

Once again, I'd like to involve all of you in the process of this blog. As such, I invite you to submit photos for discussion if you have a hankering.

To submit a photo, please email me at

In your email, please submit your image, the name you would like for me to use in identifying you, a link to your blog/portfolio/personal website of choice, and a short blurb about the photo itself.



Busy busy! I think things will get a little busier for me as the date draws closer to Christmas... Can't believe it's near the end of the year already!

Also that photo is adorable. I love candid shots XD

Miss Lumpy

Are the photos submitted for critique, or to be featured? Either way I'm really interested and I'll definitely be submitting!

focusing the lens

@ Miss Lumpy: Just for a feature! Not critique. :)

@ HSP: Thanks! And it really is crazy to think the year's almost over again!

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