Monday, December 6, 2010

Photo of the Day: To the Convention! (Not the Gun Show)

It's should come as no surprise that lolitas are just as varied in their tastes in hobbies as
they are in their tastes in clothes.

Once upon a time, I went to a convention called Anime St. Louis. It was a small affair in 2009, with no more than 2,000 guests the whole weekend. I took photos, I helped friends run a lolita fashion panel, and I cosplayed. On the second day of the convention, the day we had our panel, it was half raining, half snowing all day. The parking lot of the convention center was packed in the morning when we arrived, and a giant line snaked around the building.

We were baffled by the sudden increase in con-goers, until we realized that something wasn't quite right. As we got closer to the massive queue, we noticed that a good 50-70% of the people in line were wearing camouflage hunting gear and bright orange safety hats. Another large-ish percentage of people were carrying rifle and bow cases.

It turns out the convention center had double-booked the geeks with the guns.

Now, this whole thing just reminded us that different people have different hobbies (and the folks in line that we talked to were super nice, even though we looked like a crew of cotton candy freaks).

This goes for lolitas just as well as it does the rest of the population. Some people like photography, some like cars, others like writing or drawing, a few like photography, and many like anime and cosplay. There are so many different combinations of hobbies in the world, and they don't always overlap well with lolita.

After all, it's a bit hard to loli-fy a monster truck without it looking rather silly.

So what's your hobby?



boba fet was sex. fuuuuuuuu


hobby is writing :D


habby is vidya!


Wow what an interesting double booking! 2,000 huh? Sounds like the convention we have up north, Sac-Anime.

My hobbies? Lolita and cosplay...and video games if you count that :D


Without fail, at every con I go to, I always take a picture next to a dude from Star Wars. Whether it be a Fett, Stormtrooper etc.

I used to have a lot of other hobbies that mostly involved collecting but these days I enjoy playing video games and going to live gigs.

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