Monday, December 20, 2010

Photo of the Day: Shotgun Christmas

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Starting Christmas off with a bang!
The photos over the next few weeks probably won't have much to do with lolita, if at all. My family is in the middle of the holiday fever, and we're preparing for a visit from my older brother with his wife and son. My younger brother is also traveling home, and bringing a roommate along for the trip. Chances are, they'll be the subjects of my photos until a bit after the new year.

Today's photo is one that I took last night. We've put up our lights around the house, and my dad strung his special "burglar discouragement" lights on the back fence. If you can't tell, they're encased with shotgun shells to make the red and green glow. Can't say Dad doesn't have a sense of humor.

These are in the back because they're a little bit Texan and quite a bit Redneck. Since we aren't generally keen on looking like either to our neighbors, they're remaining our little private joke.

My dad put these together himself using shells he'd fired at the local range. You can buy things like this, in all different colors, but he decided to just make his own. I have to admit, they do look pretty neat lit up at night, though in the day time they're pretty tacky.

He almost strung them on the deer we have in the front yard. Those things creep me out, and seeing them wearing shell garlands might have given me nightmares for the duration of the season.

Does your family have any unorthodox decorations?



Wowowow, the colors of this photo are too cool *-* Your dad is very talented! I wish I had a shotgun & shells, not to make these or anything, just for having a shotgun haha


Shell lights? That's hella badass :o


As in the photo, they tie in nicely with wood grains. I bought a ga-zillion long strand(s) connected together, and strung them all along my downstairs man-cave (pine vaulted ceiling) and bar. My strands were all LED, so I could hook many many together without fuse worries (very low power - but even brighter than incandescent). You can get both options (LED, or incandescent) here -->

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