Friday, December 17, 2010

Photos (!!!) of the day: Gone Out

Gotta get out before you can get anywhere.

Like I said I would yesterday, I've taken photos of my daily walk. I headed down the bayou like normal, but got closer to the water than usual (I was trying to get a photo of a bird that was fishing). Unfortunately, I didn't go as far today as I normally do, because I got a little bit side-tracked.

The photos today will be a bit larger than normal, since some of them are so much fun.

Our live oak is festooned with giant ornaments for the holidays.

This is one of the smaller shells I found today. Some were the size of my fist, but they were under water.

Great White Egrets are really common near my house. We also get Great Blue Herons (especially juveniles) and Cattle Egrets.
This guy was so not into being photographed. He kept flying away from me down the waterway.

And this is why my walk got cut short. In pursuing the egret, I heard a noise and saw something move down near the water.

She was a very sweet little cat, and it didn't take long for her to venture out of hiding to rub all over my legs.
I'd say I spent the better part of an hour playing with her and just generally enjoying her company.

Noisy thing. She was constantly meowing, chirping or purring.

I'm not sure what kind of bird met its demise here (looks like pigeon to me) or how.
I saw a couple of black turkey buzzards and a large hawk flying overhead while I was there, though.

There were a bunch of these mystery fruits around. They were mostly rotted and split open. They didn't smell, though.
I'm guessing they were lemons, or maybe some kind of orange. A lot of people around here grow such things in their back yards.

And there you have it! That was my walk for the day. If it weren't for the fact that I'm deathly allergic, and my mom is even worse, I'd have brought that poor little cat home with me. She had some old scars on her nose, and was very thin, but amazingly well-socialized.

I'm assuming that rather than being a stray, she's an outdoor cat that got lost or abandoned. She was very trusting and friendly, and let me hold her without biting or clawing. Maybe tomorrow, when I go for my walk, I'll take her a tin of cat food or something.



those are some lovely photos! I wish I had wildlife like that near me


I rarely see herons or egrets at the canal where I live. I was so surprised to see them there on same days.

I'm bad with stray cats. Actually, my whole family is. We have two now that are kind of living in our backyard.

focusing the lens

@ Carousellian: We have some crazy animals in the area, it's true. It's too cold for most of the reptiles, but I saw a couple of turtles skittering about. Maybe in summer, I'll get some gator shots to show. :)

@ ワリス: My neighbors when I was in uni had a bunch of cats, so I'm really bad about wanting to save every stray I come across. This one was so sweet, I really wish I could bring her home with me.


Aaaw cute animals! You live near a great area, there are animals and grass and things everywhere @_@ It's a shame you're allergic to cats, me too ):


It's nice of you to bring food for the cat on the next walk =o She sounds really sweet and lovely :)

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