Thursday, December 9, 2010

Photo of the Day: Cheeeeeeese!

I gave this one the title it has because of that CHEESY background! Yay, Photoshop!

So today, I mucked around with my new tripod a bit. I've really come to realize the last few weeks how much I miss having ready-made models. My friends back in university were always game to play dress-up for me (or dress down, as the occasion called) and let me put them in front of the lens. My friends here are a lot busier, and much more spread out. Not only that, but it's much harder to get well-cropped, self-snapped portraits than it is outfit snaps (even with a spiffy new tripod).

Guess I'll have to keep practicing, practicing, practicing.

The Argus tripod that I'd been using for the last few years has always been an excellent piece of equipment in my photography kit. It belonged to my dad before me, and has had a long, full life. It's a sturdy tool of aluminum and traditional engineering, scarred here and there from being hauled through the woods and taken into a variety of environments.

Unfortunately, it's also over 30 years old, and has bad knees.

So, recently, I got a new one! The Manfrotto, black aluminum 190XPROB with a joystick style head. Works a treat, but I apparently am not so hot at self-portraits.

I'm also looking to get myself a new lens, a 50mm f/1.8 so I can make a mess of things like custom bokeh and perspective. I've seen a few going for pretty cheap on eBay, so that may be a Merry Christmas purchase. Maybe not. I'll have to think it through a bit more, first.



Pretty photo! One thing you can change is maybe the pose - the arm in the background looks a bit weird from this angle :o

Love the styling though!


Despite the background, the photo is so damn gorgeous! I agree with Ada - the styling is fab! <3


luv it!

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