Saturday, November 20, 2010

Photo of the Day: Rabbit Ears

Friends don't let friends forget to have fun.

Lolita should be fun. Photography should be fun. Sometimes, I think that people forget this.

I got into both of these for my own enjoyment, and they have continued to buoy me in those times where I was down on myself for one reason or another. I have met new and amazing people through both hobbies, and continually find myself trying to learn new things and improve in both.

The only truly negative aspect that I find in lolita and photography is that there is a level of pretension that sometimes seems to be deeply ingrained. I won't call it a type of elitism, because it isn't a matter of being better than anyone else. Rather, it's a feeling that some of the people I have met in these circles suffer from some sort of hobby-induced anxiety. They worry that a lack of acceptance within the social circles of that hobby or interest means an end of their existence, or a black mark on their reputation.

I feel like there are many people who take lolita or their photography too seriously and forget what drew them in to begin with. Especially in the case of lolita, I feel that people should take a deep breath, and let it carry away their tension when they let it out. For a fashion so devoted to whimsy and happiness, I find that there are a lot of sour-faced participants.

That said, I am neither a professional photographer, nor a particularly stunning lolita, so perhaps I'm able to divorce myself from the need to treat them as the end all and be all of my life. Naturally I feel a great deal of pride and pleasure when it comes to the things I do, so I happily provide my insight on things or write how-to articles. However, I do so not because I want recognition or accolades, but because I enjoy writing about these things and want to create a forum in which to share my experiences with others, and have them do so in return.

On that note, I take this opportunity to open the floor to those of you reading this: if you have your own tips or suggestions, requests for an article topic, or advice even that you'd offer me to improve, please say so.

I am always open to new ideas, and certainly not so proud as to say I have no need of them. :)


Come At Me Bro

Nice pic!

focusing the lens

Thanks very much. :)


That's a gorgeous picture, and I agree with you! Cosplayers forget it too, I think because the hobby can get so hectic and dramu. Great advice to follow!

focusing the lens

Thanks! And drama can really be a killer sometimes. I admit that I enjoy gossip to a degree (because some of the things lolitas do are just hilarious), but when it gets to the point that people form vendettas over someone else disliking their outfit, or wearing a dress that they wanted to buy, I really think it's time to take a break.


I agree with you! I love to take awful photos and immortalize them on the internet because it's about having fun, not making your life a photoshoot

focusing the lens

It really is true! For all the formal "good" photos I take (and like), there are always at least a dozen silly ones that go with it that I enjoy far more!

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