Sunday, November 21, 2010

Photo of the Day: Prince(ss) Charming

Even though there's always a lot of hype about new cameras coming out or the wonders of the latest technology, oldies are still goodies in the photography world. I love that you can take a photograph with any camera, from any age, and still come out with a good image if you put your mind to it.

The above photograph was shot with a Sony Cybershot DSC-W7. While it is not the oldest camera I own (that honor goes to a Minolta XG7, which my dad used during his youth), it is my oldest (working) digital camera. Its mode selection dial is a bit whimsical in the brainpan these days, but it's still a decent camera and up to the task of taking some nice photos.

I admit that's a bit of a brick, but it's a durable brick. I've dropped it quite a few times (in spite of a wrist strap, oy) and it still shoots clearly. Chances are, those falls are the reason the mode selection enjoys running on auto-pilot sometimes.

One function in particular that this old Cybershot has, which I wish my Nikon Coolpix S3000 had, is an easy-to-access program mode. The Nikon simply does not have this option. As far as point-and-click cameras go, that old Cybershot is pretty hard to beat these days. It has drawbacks in the form of a bulky body and energy provided by two AA batteries, but they're minor in light of the benefits.

Most point and click cameras that are presently in production appear to be geared towards new photographers. This is likely because DSLRs have gained such popularity and are available at reasonably inexpensive prices. I personally find this unfortunate since sometimes it's really inconvenient to carry such a heavy piece of equipment (particularly the case when you're dressed in lolita, and attending a crowded event).

I feel that it's sad, too, that point and click cameras are now supposedly so "inferior" that they don't have the option for a manual mode unless you're willing to pay the same price as you would for a low-end DSLR.

In the end, I guess what I'm trying to say is this: don't be discouraged if you can't afford the latest and greatest of cameras or equipment. Some of the older models are actually better for use beyond a snapshot.

On top of that, don't get bent out of shape trying to get top of the line equipmentWork on training your eye and honing your creative skills with what you have available to you. You can still improve without fancy lenses.



Thanks for the update, I like the off-set picture. :) Did you happen to take any more?


Oh god, I just had to go through the point and shoot vs. DSLR debate myself a couple months back--someone actually stole my decrepit Powershot a530 and I had to replace it after many years of loyal service. As I recall, you could manually set some things on it. Of course, I'd just been bitching that I needed a new camera the week before, but it was still annoying.

focusing the lens

@ Omi: There are a few! Most didn't come out very well, so they'll have to be mucked around with, but they may appear in future posts!

@ Tencrowns: Oh man, that sucks! What did you end up purchasing to replace it?


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Heh, point-and-shoots are very undersold in photography markets. My boyfriend is a hobbyist, so I gave him my Olympus DSLR (not as nice as a Nikon/Canon but still tons of fun), but it ended up being too heavy and expensive for impromptu shoots.

I got him a Canon point-and-shoot this Christmas and he's getting some major mileage out of it :D


kewl, lol. Followin you

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