Friday, November 19, 2010

Photo of the Day: Hammock

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In both photography and lolita, one of my favorite things to do is meet new people. I went through an awkward period in high school (as most teenagers do) in which I had trouble making new friends. While not precisely reclusive, I didn't go out of my way to ingratiate myself upon my peers. Photography was an escape at that point, and I knew nothing of lolita.

As I got older, and after I went to university over a thousand miles away from my family, I forced myself to open up. Photography became more enjoyable as I found people to populate my images, and I discovered lolita. Now, having moved home in disappointment (with the economy in shambles and a degree that often feels superfluous), the two have become a solace and a means of keeping social and active. I attend lolita meet-ups and hang out with friends I have met that way, and also photography meet-ups, where I get to discuss new techniques, hear about new equipment, and learn new things while in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

Both of these hobbies have introduced me to a wide variety of people, and I am glad to have become involved in them.



i was the same way and very shy (still a little shy) but i learn how to open up and lolita helps me in a way. i dont know why get so nervous when i meet new people

focusing the lens

I think everybody does a bit! We all find ways to get around it in the end. :)


I feel so blessed with all the friends I've made in the cosplay community, I can relate. :)

focusing the lens

It's definitely one of the positive aspects of my hobbies of choice that I appreciate most!


your post today is amaizing! i like it!
supportin & follouing!

focusing the lens

Thank you so much! I greatly appreciate it. :)


So far cosplay has had a similar effect on me; I've made a lot of new friends. As long as one avoids the drama, it's a great community and I've met a ton of people. Great post today!

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