Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Photo of the Day: Confetti

So many of my photographs are of my friend Val! She's always just been so accommodating about letting me snap pictures of her no matter what's going on. Like many of my lolita friends, she's total sweetheart, and a real blast to hang out with. I really miss getting to do things with her on a regular basis, but life has sent us in different directions (as it often does).

Hopefully, I'll be able to go see her soon!


Colin B

Picture is reminding me of how cold it is outside :(

focusing the lens

OhgodIknow. I just got back from the pharmacy. I stupidly did not take a coat with me, thinking "oh, sixty isn't that bad!" But the WIND! ACK.


Ooo, the card suits on the cardigan! What a subtle coordinate :D

Eazy P

I just discovered your site today and I gotta say, you are full of talent. Your pics are designs are beautiful. Keep it up! That corset looks awesome.


This is such a cute and happy picture XD I love the cardigan your friend is wearing!

Miss Lumpy

This is such an adorable an seasonally-appropriate photo!

Tweeks Coffee

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