Monday, November 29, 2010

Photo of the Day: Closet Cleaning

Sometimes, taking things out makes it easier to decide what to put back in.

Today's photo is what happens when I get to cleaning. I empty out my closet, and to make room for putting things in and out, I hang things from my bed (I have an ancient canopy bed inherited from a cousin from before I was born). I noticed in the course of things that not only does it look a bit funny, but my framed postcards were visible just beyond, so I snapped a quick photo.

I haven't posted in a few days (because I received a book order from P.G. Wodehouse is addicting, whoops).

So sorry for that! I'll be catching up on everyone else's posts, and hopefully get back on track shortly. I have several posts waiting in the wings. They just need a bit of fine tuning before I actually publish them.



I'd like a canopy bed for that very same reason :D Imagine waking up surrounded by lace and tulle and BURANDO lol

Colin B

I hate cleaning out my closet :(


same here colin, I rarely do it


Awesome read!

Come At Me Bro

Nice pic!

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