Friday, September 2, 2011

Sources of Inspiration: Blogging

On a daily basis, I read quite a few blogs. Quite a few are lolita blogs. Some of these are personal blogs run by people I encountered one way or another on the internet. Others are professional blogs, pertaining to graphic design job markets and ways to market yourself. Yet more are creative outlets for artists I admire.

Here are three blogs that I read on a nearly daily basis and the reasons I read them:

Doodle Everyday
This is a blog all about getting that creative gush out and onto the paper as fast and as often as you can. Every day, Lim Heng Swee posts a drawing, print or doodle to the blog. That sort of dedication to regular, continued creative output is rather impressive (especially considering how often I know I run into an artblock, myself).

Visual News
This blog presents articles about up and coming artists, new exhibits and interesting techniques or movements. It covers pretty much every kind of art you could imagine, from graphic design to infographics to exhibits through experimental techniques and art theory. If it's visual, it fits and it's likely to show up sooner or later.

Flickr Blog
Just what it sounds like, the flickr blog is a blog consisting of photos posted on flickr by its users. Sometimes they highlight a particular photographer, but more often they choose photos that pertain to a particular theme or subject matter.
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