Saturday, April 30, 2011

Photo of the Day: Dotty in the Country

I went to a meet-up today and surprised myself by having a good time! I wasn't sure what to expect, since this was a new group of people to meet (short of one), and I woke up with a bit of an anxiety-induced gut ache, but things went smoothly. Even though they closed I-59 north and I had to detour around for about 45 minutes, I managed to have a good day!

During the meet-up, I took a lot of photos (which I'm sure I'll be uploading sooner or later) and enjoyed myself pretty thoroughly. We relaxed in the park, took photos in a garden and got to know one another. It was rather hot, so we didn't too much bustling around. We did run into a group of cosplayers while we were there, though!

Although, I wish we had gotten a chance to fly the kites I had brought, maybe that can happen next time? We'll see. I think I made a few new friends today!



Very modern throw back style. love a girl in a dress. haha.

FairyTale a la Mode

Cute :) I love how the spray of vines/flowers in the background seem to curl around her parasol.

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