Sunday, April 24, 2011

Photo of the Day: Tumult

Tumult by kate.ruggeri
Tumult, a photo by kate.ruggeri on Flickr.
Went out yesterday with a friend of mine from the Katy Photo group (the very talented Tom Haymes) to take some architectural/urban shots in downtown Houston. I got some good images, and had a good time learning some new things!

Still working on the articles-in-progress, however. A friend has commissioned me to do some site design and illustration work for him, so things have been busy!

How are all of you doing today? Enjoying your Easter?

... if you celebrate, that is.



idk why, but bubbling fountains always make me think of taking a bath in them xD


I love the fountains that have multicolored lighting in them. When water shoots out, it's like streams of rainbow everywhere.

I don't really celebrate Easter, but I did go out to eat with my family at least.

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