Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Brief Comparison of Corsets

Hey! Long time no see! I recently took some photos for a contest on Corsets UK's Facebook page, which has inspired me to write a brief little comparison of the different corsets I own. Take a look and I hope you enjoy!

I took these photos mostly to show the different shapes of the corsets I own. Obviously the first photo is without any corset at all. All of these photos are taken with 2-4 inches left open in back, as I was lacing myself in for the photos. When I actually bother to have help/take my time, they close a bit more, but the shape stays pretty much identical.

Now. The above is my current body shape without any assistance from a corset. Below, you'll find the different styles and shapes of corset I presently own!


Corset #1 and #2 are an underbust style that is pretty standard with Corsets UK/AU/Story pieces. Broken in, they give a gentle curve to the waist, but not the significant, sharp hourglass look that many people look for in a corset. These are very sturdy corsets but really not very comfortable. You can't get very good reduction on your waist without the corset pressing into your ribs or hip bones. I typically only wear these corsets for photoshoots or only half-laced (as you see them in these photos) due to that discomfort.

I purchased these while still living in the US from an eBay store related to Corsets UK while they were on sale, they were 50USD each at the time. Since then, the currency exchange has gone to hell in a handbasket--they're now closer to 70USD each.

Corset #3 is a long-line underbust also from Corsets UK. This particular corset has long since been discontinued and I think you can see why. Even broken in, this corset doesn’t give much in the way of a nice shape. It stays pretty cylindrical. My guess is that the decorative aspects of the corset and its length (over the hips as it is) are to blame, but I can’t say for sure. Its length makes is almost as annoying to put on as the overbust style.

I purchased this style when it was listed as a discontinuation clearance. I believe it was between 45 and 55AUD, but can't find my receipt to be certain.

Corset #4 is a regular cut “overbust” corset from Corsets UK. It sits pretty low on the bust, however, barely passing the nipples. I wouldn’t wear this corset without at least a bra underneath. This corset is a massive pain in the neck to put on, too.

The busk, because it’s so long and goes over the bust, became slightly warped after the first wearing, though I didn’t go very tight. Because of that warp and the length, it’s incredibly difficult to do up the busk without the two pieces buckling away from one another. I also should have ordered one of their styles with cups or gussets, as this style turns my poor girls into pancakes.

I bought this one using the 3-for-2 deal with friends, so it was 47AUD.

Corset #5 is a variation on Gallery Serpentine’s Femme Fatale corset, made as a prototype that never went further. The front busk and lacing was removed and the whole corset shortened to ride above the hip. It’s probably my most comfortable corset to wear, but it’s also the most difficult to lace without assistance.

Rather, I should say, tying the laces is difficult without assistance. Lacing up and bringing my waist in is easy, but trying to tie off the laces without help gets rough. The laces are very slick and tend to slide back through the eyelets while I’m trying to tie them off. As you can see, the waist reduction on this style is much sharper than the corsets from Corsets UK, even without being fully tightened. When it's laced all the way up, it has a beautiful, elegant silhouette.

This corset is one of a kind and cost 235AUD.

Corset #6 and #7 were both random eBay finds. I purchased them from a pinup model who had worn them for photoshoots only. Thus, they were already pliable, but not fully broken in. As you can see, they give a really nice shape, even when not fully laced closed. The ivory corset was listed as being from Vollers, but I’m a bit sceptical as I’ve been unable to find that style in any catalogue or photos.

I purchased these while still living in the US. The first corset cost 45USD and the second cost 55USD.

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